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The Sunday Journal, USA was established in September 1982. Since its inception, the Company has circulated the weekly newspaper to the Korean-American community in the Unites States, especially in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. With an average circulation of 28,000 copies, the Sunday Journal, USA is the largest community weekly publication. At this current rate of the growth, the company is expected to circulate about 40,000 copies by summer of 2003 with an added coverage in Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, and Seattle area. Since its first issue, the Company has provided helpful information to the community, and has earned a reputation as the most popular weekly newspaper in the Korean-American community. Readers concur that the contents are consistently informative and beneficial that they will continue to read. The Sunday Journal has long served for those advertisers who want to find the most cost effective way to deliver the exposure desired to the target audience among Korean-American for successful reach, frequency and impact. Truly, the ad sponsors have found our paper as an unique media vehicle for a long-term build-up of the organization’s image, and promoting & branding the products.

Main Characteristics of the Paper
Weekly, special coverage, exclusives, unfiltered and uncut news that may not be covered by the regular news media

Targeted Market Demographics:
The Korean-American population in United States is estimated at approximately 2,000,000 (Data released by Korean Consulate General in 2002). Over 50% of this population lives in California, with 600,000 people in the Los Angeles Area.

Advertising Advantages with Sunday Journal, USA
Dual exposure – online and offline
Free Internet Banners for long-term advertisers (6 months or more)
Largest circulation as a weekly journal in the Korean-American community
The most popular weekly Korean-American journal
Reader friendly and superior quality printing and experienced editorial staff
Sound management and financially solid operations
Uniquely designed categories
In House highly skilled graphic design team

Methods of Production:
Fully Computerized Editing and Automated online printing

FKorean-Americans living in Los Angeles & Orange County areas, as well as other major cities across the United States

Main Contents and Categories:
Politics. Economy. Society. Community News. Sports. Arts. Entertainment. Consumer Affairs. Woman. Classified Local Ads


  • Cover and Color :50lbs, Somerset gloss, white.
  • Text: 30lb. newsprint, white.
  • Binding : Saddle stitched

Paper sizes:

  • Bleed: Two Page spread-trimmed: 21 x 15.75″ Untrimmed: 22 x 15.75″
  • Full page: Trimmed: 11 x 15.75 Untrimmed: 11 3/8 x 16 1/4
    (All bleed ads must be furnished with untrimmed dimensions.)
  • Single page printing area: 9.5 x 14
  • Ad Full Page Standard: 9.5″ x 13.75″

Address Info

  • Sunday Jornal U.S.A
  • 4201 Wilshire Blvd. Suit 333 , Los Angeles, C.A, 90010
  • Tel : 323-938-0688
  • Fax : 323-938-0658